Bees plumage - discover its beneficial properties


bee's featherEveryone knows about the fact that honey is an extremely beneficial product for our body. For a very long time it has been said that it has many positive effects and properties, so its regular consumption is recommended to anyone who wants to take effective care of their bodies. However, it is worth remembering that honey is not everything that bees can offer us and that perfectly influences our health. A perfect example of this is the bee's feather - a product that is becoming more and more popular, its advantages are appreciated by more and more people and it is hardly surprising.

What is a bee's feather?

Spierzga is a flower pollen processed by bees. In the first instance, it serves as food for the bees themselves, especially for the mother and her young. Bees start the production process of feathers at the flower itself, when they moisten the pollen. Then they transport it to the beehive - nature has equipped it for this purpose with a special basket, located at the legs. Ordinary bees usually eat only pollen. This is very interesting because research has shown that bees eating feathers are much healthier and live longer than those for which only ordinary, unprocessed pollen is fed. This shows that the feather has many nutritional values important for every living organism.

bee dumplingsSpierzga is one of the products of bees; however, it should not be confused with honey - honey itself is one of its ingredients, along with pollen and bees' saliva. All these ingredients are slaughtered in the characteristic nest chambers; however, insects know that the feather is not suitable for consumption as soon as the ingredients are mixed. At a temperature of about 30 C prevailing in the nest properly compacted with each other, the ingredients undergo the process of lactic fermentation. It consists in the breakdown of protein into peptides and amino acids. This increases the amount of simple sugars and lactic acid - the latter ensures that the product has a long service life and practically does not spoil. During this process the feather acquires many important properties, thanks to which it becomes a product so beneficial for our health.

Spierzga and its health properties

Spierzga pszczela BIO 100gSpierzga pszczela contains a lot of ingredients that are extremely important for the proper functioning of our body. In this respect, it can be compared to pollen, although because of several important features it is more beneficial for our health. First of all, it contains special enzymes and is devoid of the envelope present in the pollen - it makes all the ingredients in it much better assimilable by our body. The plumage is above all a rich component of many vitamins: C, PP, K, E, H, D and B vitamins. There is also no shortage of minerals. Magnesium and iron, as well as phosphorus, potassium and sodium are abundant. Due to its rich composition, feathers can affect our body in many different ways.

Bee plumage - use

application piercingIt is first of all an excellent prophylactic agent, which will significantly strengthen our immunity and protect us from many diseases. It is also recommended for people who work mentally - the components contained in it improve brain function and ensure better concentration and memory. Plumage is an important product used in apitherapy, i.e. the treatment of various diseases with products of bee origin. Many products are used here, such as honey and feathers. It enjoys special recognition in the treatment of stomach ailments and intestinal diseases, because it has an excellent effect on the proper functioning of the entire digestive system. It also has a salutary effect on our liver: it improves its action and helps to treat numerous ailments. It can be used prophylactically in case of heart diseases, because it strengthens the whole blood system. In apitherapy, it is also used to treat certain mental disorders. It improves brain function and stimulates us to think efficiently. It can be a good addition to the treatment of depression or various anxiety conditions.

Bees plumage - dosage

Even a product as valuable to our body as feather must be dosed in the right way - in excess everything can be harmful to us. In the case of feathers, overdose is rather unattainable and no effects of taking too much; however, it is advisable to follow the recommended amounts. For adults, a dose of 30 - 40 grams of feathers per day is usually taken. You can take it in unprocessed form or dissolve it in water and wait a few hours - such a prepared drink will strengthen our body and stimulate it to act.

Fierzga w miódem (plumage in honey)

Dosage feathers DosageThe plumage has a characteristic slightly acidic taste. It is definitely not as sweet as honey. It can be dosed in many ways: in the saute version straight from the package (slow sucking of granules is recommended), preparing an aqueous solution (necessarily from prepared water) or mixing it with honey, which not only strengthens the beneficial effects of feathers, but also has a beneficial effect on its taste.