Why use spotted sharpness


sharpSpotted Ostropest is nothing more than the popular osetium, which grows wild in our gardens and meadows. However, the seeds that can be bought in pharmacies and herb stores do not come from a roadside plant, but from specially developed crops.

spotted sharpnessOstropest is a beautiful, magnificent plant. It has a height of about 2 meters, clear, purple inflorescences surrounded by thick, leathery thorns. The leaves of the plant have an equally interesting appearance. Longitudinal, with a jagged coastline, they are decorated with a blue, mesh pattern on a green background.

The herb comes from the Mediterranean region, but nowadays its natural habitat is Europe, North America and Australia. It is grown on almost all continents (Europe, Middle East, North and South America and Australia). In Poland the breeding is about 2 thousand ha.

Ostropest is an annual plant that reproduces from seeds sown in April. In early September, on the other hand, the inflorescences ripen, which collects, droughts, threshing, and then cleanses.

Spotted sharpness - properties

Pharmaceutical effects are shown by thistle fruits. The basic ingredient of this plant, for which it is so valued, is silymarin. In addition, thistle contains flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins C and K, tannins, phytosterols, linoleic acid, mineral salts. For migraineurs and allergy sufferers, it may be important to know that ostropest also contains tyramine and histamine (ingredients not tolerated by some people).

Spotted sharpness - action

the characteristics of the thistle

Effects on liver and digestive system

Spotted Ostropest is primarily a source of silymarin, also known as flavonolignans. Sylimarin is a rare substance. It is used to treat the liver because it has a detoxifying and purifying effect. In addition, it has a protective function.

Flavonolignans are used in case of cirrhosis, fatty degeneration, damage caused by consumption of alcohol, medicines and toxic substances. They are also irreplaceable in inflammatory states of the liver, hepatitis A, B, C and disorders of its functions. Slimarin has no side effects. It is used to alleviate the effects of pharmacotherapy (in the treatment of cancer).

Sylimarin is used for digestive disorders, gastric juice anaemia, anorexia, flatulence, reflections.

In addition to its huge impact on liver treatment, the sharpener also copes well with kidney disease.

Strengthening blood vessels

The herb helps with excessive bleeding during menstruation and also prevents bleeding from the nose and internal organs. At the same time it has an anticoagulant effect. Spotted Ostropest should be consumed at reduced blood pressure.

Improving brain function

The tannins contained in tannins have an impact on the inhibition of destructive processes taking place in our brains. This is what the spotted sharpness should be reached by people who have difficulty concentrating and remembering.

Ostropest prevents cancer

thistle spotted thistleResearch has shown that silymarin contained in thistle effectively balances the proportions between the cells created by the body and the cells that die out. Recently, there has been quite a common belief that osteoporosis also inhibits the cancer process that is already under way.

Treatment of type II diabetes mellitus

A diet with a dose of thistle is recommended for type II diabetics. According to research, administration of this herb to patients after a few months resulted in equalisation of glucose levels and lowering of cholesterol content in blood.

Ostropest is recommended for breastfeeding women, as the fruits of this herb significantly increase lactation. Consumption of the plant also contributes to the reduction of problems with locomotive diseases.

The influence of thistle on beauty

Oil from this plant is used in the cosmetic industry, because it accelerates the regenerative processes of the skin and provides the best degree of its hydration. Regeneration of the skin is not only the elimination of micro-damages or damage in general, but also the disappearance of discolorations, reduction of reddened areas. Thanks to the content of vitamin E (a popular antioxidant in cosmetics) in the oil, skin care products created on the basis of thistle, guarantee a delayed aging process.

Spotted sharpness - dosage

Ostropest is consumed as a ground powder. It is best if you grind it yourself, just before preparing a meal.

In order to achieve the best results you should eat about 2 teaspoons of herbs a day and drink lukewarm water.

ground thistle

Ostropest does not have a pronounced taste, so you can use it as an addition to many meals, e.g. sprinkle a powdered plant sandwich with cold cuts, add herbs to the salad, soup, anything that comes to your mind. It has become very popular to add ground thistle to home-baked breads.

Spotted sharpness - oil

Thistle oil may also be used for food purposes. Like seeds, the use of oil is versatile. We use it for salads, pastes, sandwiches.

Young thistle leaves, although not as highly valued as the fruits of the plant, are also recommended as an ingredient in salads.