Maca root - Peruvian ginseng, Incan treasure, natural viagra


Maca root - what is it?

The maca root (Lepidum peruvianum) is a root vegetable whose properties and effects have been used by Peruvians for thousands of years. In traditional medicine there it is recommended to use poppy seed root mainly for strengthening. It is also a known way to alleviate annoying menstrual and menopause symptoms. However, the poppy root is most appreciated as a remedy for potency and fertility. He is at the forefront of Peru's medicinal plants, after the wolffish (fluffy chisel).

Powdered maca root - nutritional values

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The poppy seed root will provide the body with almost all amino acids (it contains 18 amino acids in total). The profile of these amino acids is very similar to beans, soybeans and lentils.

It contains about 70% of total carbohydrates, 20% of dietary fiber. The content of unsaturated fatty acids is 70.7% and saturated 23.9%. The content of the former and their ratio to saturated fatty acids is the one which has a very beneficial effect on health.

The maca root contains a set of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, C and E, minerals (calcium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, potassium and sodium)

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Maca root - action

The maca root helps to alleviate the symptoms of menstruation and menopause

It is considered by Peruvians to be a proven way to alleviate the annoying symptoms of menstruation and menopause. It has been used for many years in the treatment of hormonal disorders, including irregular menstruation or preventing annoying symptoms of climacterium (mainly hot flashes, vaginal dryness and energy loss). According to research, the maca root, which does not contain phytohormones, can be effectively used to alleviate menstrual ailments, but also in menopausal therapy.

The maca root has the potential to prevent osteoporosis

It can also prevent another ailment that occurs in women during the menopause - osteoporosis. Studies on female rats after overeatomy (removal of ovaries) allowed to draw such conclusions.

Matzo root for muscle mass?

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The Peruvian maca root is also known as an agent that supports the building up and endurance of muscle mass. Scientists agree that the presence of sterols (showing some of the effects of anabolic sterols) justifies the use of the raw material and preparations based on it to increase muscle mass, especially in athletes and bodybuilders.

Matzo root for strengthening

The famous maca root has been used by Peruvian Indians for many centuries as an energizing, revitalizing and immune booster. According to legend, which says that Incan warriors ate the maca root before the fight. Apparently he gave them strength in a battle with their opponent. Nowadays, the maca root is recommended for states of emaciation, weakness, malnutrition and reduced immunity. It is recommended to use it in chronic fatigue, stress or depression syndrome. What is more, it is also recommended for people in periods of intense mental effort, because it has the ability to improve memory and support mental functions. It is perfect for use in the elderly and convalescence. It may be interesting to know that in Lima and the USA the dried matzo root is sold as a dietary supplement, which increases the vitality of the body.

maca root side effectsMaca root - opinions about potency effects

The maca root has an effect on sexual desire in men (it does not affect the level of sex hormones in the blood) and facilitates erection. Improves sperm production and sperm mobility. Thus, it has a positive effect on fertility. Currently, in many countries, including Poland, dried poppy seed root is a component of some potency supplements.

According to preliminary research - the maca root has a positive effect on maintaining proper sexual performance, among other things because it is a rich source of protein. It provides the body with almost all essential amino acids (including arginine). As sexually active men require a correspondingly increased amount of supplied protein - especially arginine, which constitutes (80%) of the seminal fluid protein. In addition, arginine is responsible for supplying blood to the male and female reproductive organs and can increase mobility and the number of sperm, thus contributing to the fight against infertility problems.

It should be noted that previous studies do not clearly indicate that matzo is an aphrodisiac. Improvement in sexual function may be indirectly linked to an improvement in overall health, which is due to the use of this raw material.

Maca root - side effects

Although there are generally no side effects of using this root and it has been used by people for thousands of years, we still have a lot to learn about the safety of its use,

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Maca root - contraindications

As the maca root affects the level of hormones in the body, it should not be used when taking medication that affects the endocrine system or when used to treat conditions such as breast or prostate cancer and other serious diseases. It is not recommended to use the root even at high pressure.

Due to the fact that no thorough research has been carried out on the influence of the maca root on the health of the foetus and infants, it should not be used by pregnant and nursing women.

Matzo root - price

Powdered matzo root costs about 40 PLN for 150 g, or in the form of tablets: 120 pieces - 80 PLN