Nowadays, almost overnight, the number of people who are more and more willing to use natural medicine solutions is growing. There is no reason to be too surprised, however, given that we are better informed about what has a positive effect on our body. Each of us wants to be healthy for as long as possible, so when we suffer from various types of ailments, we decide on natural, but at the same time effective solutions. And one of them, which has an exceptionally wide range of applications is, for example, aloe vera.

Properties of aloe vera

properties of aloe veraAloe vera is a completely unusual medicinal plant, which contains a lot of active ingredients, useful in dealing with various types of diseases. For centuries, this plant has been appreciated for its properties and is widely used all over the world. More than 200 active miracle ingredients that have been hidden in this inconspicuous plant makes aloe so positive for us.

Aloe vera contains a wide range of vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, folic acid, choline or vitamin B12, which is quite unusual. In addition, this plant contains microelements that are important for our health, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, sodium and copper. Aloe vera is also a true wealth of amino acids, without which our body could not function properly, and fatty acids. It can therefore be safely stated that this product, in whatever form, should become a part of our daily diet.

Aloe Vera - applications

One of the most important applications of aloe vera is its beneficial effect on our digestive system. Interestingly, it is extremely helpful in case of constipation as well as diarrhoea, because it restores the proper cycle of digestion in the human body. Therefore, it is very often used by people complaining about problems in this matter, including patients with irritable bowel syndrome or reflux.

Aloe vera is also an excellent means of purifying our body from toxins or other contaminants that are unfavourable to us. With its help, the kidneys, liver, digestive system or even skin can be cleansed.

Aloe Vera - applicationIngredients contained in aloe vera also influence the strengthening of the immune system, thanks to which the body is much better protected against various threats, such as infections.

This exceptionally plant is also a healing lotion for our skin. Perfect for all types of injuries, abrasions and skin burns. It also works well for people who suffer from psoriasis. Thanks to its properties, aloe vera is also often an ingredient of cosmetics, because it perfectly moisturizes and rejuvenates our skin.

Aloe vera is also used to reduce inflammations of various origins, but it is worth emphasizing that its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral or antiseptic effects are very important. Also suitable as a disinfectant.

Drinking aloe vera

Many people who want to use aloe vera regularly decide to use its liquid form. Drinking aloe vera is definitely a good solution, especially for people living in a constant hurry, all the more so that ready-made, bottled products of this type can be easily bought in pharmacies or online shops. And what can the consumption of such a juice give us? Really a lot of good!

aloe vera juiceAloe vera juice

As far as the "internal" effect of aloe vera juice is concerned, it strengthens our whole body, protecting us from various types of viruses. In addition, however, it can perfectly cleanse our body of all substances that negatively affect them.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, it has a fantastic effect on our skin. It soothes wounds, moisturizes and protects the skin and helps to fight allergies.

Aloe vera drink

Interestingly, we can easily prepare our own drink with aloe vera at home. Wine with the addition of aloe vera, for the preparation of which we need aloe vera leaves (about 50 dag), 0.5 litre of red wine, honey and spirits, is very popular.

Washed and dried aloe leaves should lie in the fridge for about a week. After this time they are chopped and then added to the wine together with 3 tablespoons of honey and 4 tablespoons of spirit. Close this mixture in a tight container and put it in a dark place for about 5 days. Strain the beverage through the canvas and pour it into a bottle, then store it in the fridge.

Aloe extract

It is worth remembering that the aloe extract itself is used in various products available for sale. They can be drinks, juices, syrups, ointments or care creams. So everyone can find something appropriate for themselves.

Aloe vera pulp

The raw material that is obtained from aloe vera is primarily the flesh of this plant. It is a light green gelatinous substance found in the fleshy leaves of aloe vera. The leaves are carefully peeled and the mass obtained has to be washed and squeezed several more times in order to obtain a pure aloe gel.

aloe vera gelAloe Vera gel

There are many aloe vera gels on the market, which are widely used. They are very willingly purchased because they do not cost much, but their operation is extremely effective. Of course, it is best to choose products with the highest possible aloe content, from 90 to 100 percent.

Cosmetics with aloe vera

Currently, both pharmacies and online shops offer a whole range of specialist aloe vera cosmetics. These are therefore mainly creams and other cosmetics for the face and body, but also shampoos and hair conditioners. All of them are connected by their effectiveness and excellent moisturizing or anti-inflammatory effect, which is the hallmark of aloe vera.


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