Cannabis seeds not only have more advantages, but also far fewer disadvantages than their clones, so if they come from a reputable seed bank you can be sure that they contain not only great genes but also the ingredients we expect.

This purchase also makes sure that the resulting variety is in line with the buyer's expectations, and it turns out to give more opportunities when looking for the right strain. Seed banks tell us what strains we are dealing with, how productive they are, what their potency is, and even - optimal growing conditions.

Seeds can also be ordered online. In the vast majority of countries on the European continent, there is no need to be afraid of the procedure for buying them, as we are dealing with activities that are not against the law. However, a seed bank has its advantages compared to buying from a random seller, because it gives you the certainty that you will get exactly the strain you wanted. It is also possible to see quickly that the difference is not at all symbolic, because for seedlings it is characteristic that they grow faster than clones.

What's more, we are dealing with more rooted plants. Paying attention to this is not a coincidence, because a root can work in a way similar to that of an anchor, so we can be sure that it will be in exactly the position that we expect most. Furthermore, it allows it to dig deep into the soil, means into the place where the necessary water resources are waiting for it. The primary root becomes also the base for so-called side roots. These appear along its length, so we are dealing with a plant with a network of roots occupying more surface area underground.

Again we are dealing with a practical solution, because the more rooted the plant is, the more water it is able to absorb. Cannabis seeds are able to inherit their distinctive qualities from both parents. Experienced growers use this as a tool to get more or less useful cannabis plants. Interestingly, cannabis seeds have an astonishing shelf life.

They can be stored for up to five years, and we are confident that nearly eighty per cent of them will sprout. The fact that transporting them is not a complicated task is also important. Today, feminized seeds are also available for sale, invaluable when we only want to use female plants.

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