White mulberry - Chinese miracle-tree


Nowadays, we really have great opportunities to take care of our health properly. We have access to great medicines, but we also rediscover the treasures of nature, which can help us to get rid of or alleviate many unpleasant ailments. In fact, you only need to look around and look around the web to find natural products that meet our current needs. It's worth it, because it's in nature that there's an extraordinary power.

White mulberry - properties and performance

white mulberry extractWhite mulberry is a well known plant reaching 10 meters tall, whose properties have been used for centuries in China, for example. Many people associate white mulberry primarily as a food for silkworms, but it is worth knowing that it has therapeutic properties and, when properly applied, can have an antipyretic or diuretic effect. It is therefore often used to cleanse the body, but its consumption is also recommended for breastfeeding women, as it stimulates lactation. However, these are not all the important advantages of white mulberry, which should be stressed.

For a very long time white mulberry has been appreciated by Chinese medicine for its properties supporting the treatment of diabetes. This disease affects a growing number of people, so the interest of patients in this plant is also growing. In addition, its consumption can also support slimming, protect the liver from damage, lower the level of bad cholesterol or even delay the cell aging processes in our body. What is very important, clinical studies also prove that white mulberry inhibits the development of melanoma and leukemia.

White mulberry - slimming

white mulberry and slimmingWhite mulberry effectively blocks the decomposition of carbohydrates in our digestive system, so it is an excellent component of a slimming diet. Each of us is well aware of how difficult the process of slimming is, therefore it is worth to support ourselves with natural products, to which mulberry belongs. In addition to reducing fat production and the build-up of body fat, eating white mulberry can also reduce our appetite, especially for sweets, and suppress excessive appetite.

White mulberry for diabetics

Diabetes is harvesting more and more, so you are still looking for the best way to fight its symptoms. In this case, white mulberry has an anti-hyperglycemic effect, very similar to diabetic drugs. Active substances contained in this plant, effectively inhibit the activity of enzymes that break down carbohydrates in our digestive system. Above all, however, they reduce the metabolism of complex sugars, which means that their transformation into glucose is inhibited. As a result, some carbohydrates are excreted in undigested form together with the faeces. The level of blood sugar, which is not so rapidly absorbed from food, can therefore be stabilised.

White mulberry - leaves

For the most part, the wonderful properties of white mulberry are hidden in its leaves. They are rich in many vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, nicotinic acid, palmitic acid, fumaric acid and sterols. As a result, they are not only applicable to diabetics, but are also excellent as a cholesterol-lowering product and too high a blood pressure. Mulberry leaves also have an antipyretic and diuretic effect, they support the liver and the difficult weight loss process.

Dried white mulberry

White mulberry is a plant that can often be found in urban space, for example in parks or squares. If we feel like it, we can also plant such a bush in our own garden, thanks to which we will have access to fresh mulberry fruit and, above all, mulberry leaves. It is enough to collect them and dry them yourself, so that we can prepare our own mulberry tea. Of course, mulberry in this form is also available in pharmacies, which will certainly save us time and effort.

Tea from white mulberry leaves

white mulberry tea

In order for white mulberry to effectively help us with our ailments, we need to drink it regularly, i.e. every day. The dose that is most suitable for us is 3 teaspoons of dried white mulberry leaves flooded with a glass of boiling water. Leave this mixture under cover for about 10 minutes. After this time, the infusion is ready to drink and we can enjoy the wonderful properties of this gift of nature.

White mulberry extract

Of course, not every person has to be a lover of drinking tea or white mulberry infusions. Therefore, it is worth knowing that there are many other products on the market, which are created on the basis of extract from this plant. They are equally effective because they contain all the most important substances contained in mulberry, which is why we can confidently decide to use them.

White mulberry - tablets

The most popular among people who use white mulberry on a daily basis are, of course, tablets. They are easily accessible, because we will find them in literally every pharmacy, and in order to receive them, we do not need to devote any time to them, as is the case with white mulberry tea.

White mulberry - price

Due to the fact that white mulberry is quite common and there is no problem with access to it, the price of products based on it is not particularly high. When it comes to tea or dried leaves of this plant, we will not spend more than 10 zł, while the packaging of tablets, which are quite capacious, we will buy for a little more. It's worth checking out our range of such products and ensure better health for a very low price.


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