Magnesium oil - how to use it?


magnesium oilMagnesium is an element, the lack of which can be seen very quickly through tremor and muscle pains, excessive nervousness, poor resistance to stress. The most common remedy for such health problems is to provide the necessary substance with food, or even dietary supplements contained in various preparations. The difficulty lies in the fact that magnesium is a hardly absorbable substance and at best we will absorb about 40% of what we have consumed.

Magnesium oil - alternative to pastilles

You can buy magnesium oil in the shop or prepare it yourself. This product is nothing more than hexavalent magnesium chloride, which dissolves in water before use.

How to prepare magnesium oil?

how to prepare magnesium oilIt is enough to measure one portion of magnesium chloride and two portions of heated water (over time, the proportions can be changed by mixing water with magnesium chloride at a ratio of 1:1).

For the first use, let's assume that an oil composed of 100 grams of magnesium chloride and 200 grams of heated water will suffice. Stir with plastic straw until the salt dissolves completely. After the liquid has cooled down, pour it into a bottle with a nozzle.

Magnesium oil, in fact, has nothing to do with oil. It is called this because it can be spread on the body and creates the impression of a greasy film on the skin, just like the cosmetic oil available in shops.

What is magnesium oil for the body?

Magnesium oil can be used as a cosmetic to improve the appearance of our body, and at the same time it is perfect for magnesium supplementation from the outside. This preparation can be used for:

- relaxing massage - the body is sprinkled, sprayed with oil or spread with hands in the direction from the feet to the heart. It should be remembered that massage with magnesium oil can be used by people whose skin is already accustomed to contact with this specificity. In the case of people who are just beginning their adventure with magnesium cosmetics, such a treatment may cause irritation and discomfort instead of pleasure and relief.

-magnesium oil as a deodorant mineral deodorant - unlike deodorants from shop shelves, it is a completely non-toxic substance. In addition to the typical deodorant functions, oil provides valuable magnesium ions through the skin. Apply a small amount of deodorant to the underarms and massage gently into the skin. The cosmetic has an antibacterial effect, and it is the activity of bacteria that causes odourless sweat on the surface of the skin begins to emit an unpleasant smell. If your armpits have just been evacuated, with a deodorant applied, it is advisable to wait for a few hours. Its irritant effect may also be alleviated by diluting the substance with distilled water. For people whose sweat smells exceptionally intense, the amount of magnesium chloride in the preparation can be increased over time. The more of this compound in an olive, the higher the deodorant's effectiveness. The big advantage of the natural magnesium deodorant is that it does not dirty clothes and is odourless. If you like to smell, you can try mixing the deodorant with any essential oil of your choice.

- mist after the bath - the mist can be sprayed on the body after the bath.

magnesium oil body mistLet's make sure that we don't spray the specificity of the face, intimate places, wounds. In these areas, magnesium oil can cause irritation. After spraying the skin, spread the oil like a regular body oil. When using magnesium oil for the first time, the body may react with temporary irritation or rash. However, this is a symptom that passes very quickly. If you think your body is irritated too much, just rinse it with ordinary water and apply it again after diluting it in distilled water. Discomfort appears at the initial stage of magnesium oil use. When the body gets used to our new cosmetic, it will stop reacting so clearly to contact with it.

Magnesium oil can be washed off the body after approx. 30 minutes. This is not a necessity, but a rather sticky film on the skin may interfere with some people. Less than an hour is enough time for the ingredients needed for the body to penetrate deep into the skin.

magnesium oil for muscle painMagnesium oil is also an excellent antidote for pain in muscles, joints, bones, swelling and bruises. Spray the painful area with the preparation and massage gently. Such a massage will not only help people whose ailments are caused by illness. It's a great way to get rid of pain after sitting motionless for a long time in one position. Simply massage the oil into the painful neck or back and the pain disappears quickly. Magnesium oil has a similar use in the case of sourdoughs after intensive physical exercise, or in the case of elbow and knee contusions in the youngest.

- A stress reliever - magnesium oil can work wonders on days full of stress. Spray the wrists with the cosmetic and massage in rubbing them against each other. Quite quickly, in a few minutes, you can feel relaxed.


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