Beetroot soup - how to make real red borscht?


sourdough beet sourdough for borschtThe red borscht should have a slightly acidic taste. Some housewives obtain it by adding lemon juice or vinegar to the stock. It happens that in the pursuit of lost time, we compose something a'la red borscht using instant soups, quick cups, or ready-made liquid concentrates for this purpose.

Borscht on sourdough is the same health

"Fast" dishes are absolutely unacceptable! Not only is the taste incomparable to traditional borscht, but the beneficial substances contained in it are converted into thickeners, preservatives and other unhealthy additives. True borscht should be prepared for sourdough.

Beetroot sourdough regulates the work of the intestines thanks to the lactobacteria it contains. Its preparation is extremely uncomplicated, so everyone can easily prepare this specificity and enjoy the unique taste of their own healthy soup.

How to prepare beet sourdough?

How to prepare beet starterIn order to prepare beet sourdough we will need about 5 - 6 beets. Before treating them, remember to remove pesticides from them. To do this, immerse the vegetables in water with the addition of kitchen soda.

Skins can be removed, but it is better to leave them (remember that they also contain valuable substances for our organisms). After cleaning the beets with a vegetable brush, cut the tips and cut the beets into small pieces.

Prepare beetroot sourdough in a container that does not react with acid. These can be stoneware pots, glass jars, ceramic dishes. To make sure that there are no bacteria in them, they should be washed and flooded with boiling water.

Place the beetroot in a bowl, add a few peeled and sliced garlic along the cloves. To taste add a few grains of caraway, 2-3 bay leaves, a few grains of English herb and a piece of horseradish root.

The next step is to prepare the deluge. We can use ordinary tap water for this purpose, but we can also boil it and cool it down. To a litre of water add a spoonful of rock salt to the preserves. Mix the whole thing well. When the salt dissolves, pour beetroot so that it is covered with water.

beet leaven

The ripening process can be accelerated by adding, for example, a spoonful of cucumber or cabbage acid, a spoonful of whey or, finally, putting a crust of bread (made on sourdough) on top of the bread. These additives provide a certain dose of lactobacteria from the outset, which in this way multiply faster.

Cover the cooker with a cloth, secure with a rubber band and set aside. Set aside in a warm, unforeseen place. This is very important for the success of the whole project.

Waiting for a ready sourdough may take about 1 week, sometimes a little shorter. Let's make sure to mix the wooden content once a day with a spoon scalded in boiling water. It is also necessary to collect the foam that accumulates on the surface.

Drain the ready sourdough through a sieve and close tightly in glass jars or bottles. Store the sourdough in the fridge. In such conditions, you will be able to use it even for a few weeks.

The impact of beet sourdough on our health

By the very presence of beetroots, sourdough is an extremely healthy beverage. Beetroot contains countless ingredients including potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, anthocyanins, betanin, rare microelements such as rubidium, caesium, lithium, strontium, cobalt and folic acid, vitamin C (silage increases the content of this vitamin), as well as B vitamins.

The acid enriches our organisms with useful bacteria. He is a great probiotic. It is worth taking advantage of its properties not only by adding it to the borscht, but also by drinking a drink every day, half a glass.

The beverage made of pickled beets has a very cleansing and hematopoietic effect, prevents anaemia and cancer. Consumption of beet sourdough regulates blood pressure. Improves metabolism and stimulates the liver and kidneys.


Beetroot sourdough has a very good effect on the intestinal flora and leads to the sealing of the intestines. It is antibacterial and antiviral, which is particularly important in the autumn-winter season, when the risk of colds or flu increases.

Women should also drink it because it accelerates the binding of collagen, so it rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. Beet silage also strengthens the body's endurance and improves sexual performance.

Other beet sourdough dishes

sourdough borschtYou can prepare delicious, traditional red borscht for sourdough. It is cooked in the broth of the Italians, rich in spices (marjoram, garlic) and dried mushrooms. We can also prepare a "quicker" version of borscht, i.e. heat the sourdough, add some spices, garlic, soy sauce and lemon juice.

From the beets that remain after pickling you can prepare a probiotic salad. There are many recipes for such a dish. One of them recommends cutting beetroot into small cubes, adding onion, olive oil and some greenery. Season with pepper, turmeric or cayenne pepper. This is a great choice as an accompaniment to lunch or as an independent dish.


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