More than 80% of young people pass through the acne stage. Causes of acne (acne vulgaris) are not fully understood. Doctors point to abnormal functioning of sebaceous glands, fungi and bacteria, overproduction of sex hormones and obesity. The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry is flooding us with products to help in the fight against the disease, but we can do most for ourselves. How?

Acne lesions, how to get rid of them?

The skin is a reflection of the health of the whole body.

People suffering from acne often mistakenly believe that it is only a skin disease caused by external factors (e.g. bacteria or an excess of sebum clogging the pores of the skin). A large number of young people focus on the use of various types of ointments and creams designed to remove an unaesthetic problem. However, the cause of acne lies deeper, and consequently, the fight against it requires a holistic approach to body problems.

Medicine combines the formation of acne with such factors as:

  • Poor functioning of the sebaceous glands,
  • fungi and bacteria,
  • Excessive production of sex hormones,
  • obesity,
  • insulin resistance,
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome.

It is worth noting that the last two ailments are related to obesity. In such a case, doctors most often propose therapeutic preparations. Not surprisingly, they are specialists in the field of pharmacology, but even they recommend changing the diet. Thus, they point to the root cause of acne, a bad diet.

How to take care of the skin? Diet conducive to beautiful skin

Is there a diet that will help us to keep our skin healthy and beautiful? Of course! What's more, there's nothing sophisticated or expensive about it. Just trust nature and follow certain rules.

Eat unprocessed, natural food. Arrange your menu exclusively from fruit, vegetables, including legumes, nuts, rice and naturally fermented foods (sauerkraut, cucumber or beet silage, natural yoghurt, apple or wine vinegar). In the shop, choose BIO products or those that have an uncomplicated composition.

2. consume food of animal origin when you know where it comes from. Try to buy eggs from free-range hens, milk straight from the cow, meat from animals reared on natural feed.

Discard highly processed products, sweets, sweet drinks, cakes, snacks, instant soups, ready-made dinner dishes, white bread and bakery products with improvers, cold cuts filled with chemistry. In addition, beware of frying foods in refined oil, use of margarines, artificially coloured foods.

Do not use processed fats. Trans-fats have a very harmful effect on the whole body and at the same time on the skin. All margarines, refined oils and fried food should disappear from our menu. How to replace these products? Use naturally extruded, unrefined oils, e.g. oil, coconut oil, linseed, blubber. A lot of fat contains avocado fruit, coconut, linseed, nuts or almonds. Evening primrose oil and borage oil have a purifying effect on the body. They contain GLA fatty acids, which help to restore balance also to the skin.

fresh juices for acne 5. supply your skin with minerals and vitamins. Drink freshly squeezed juices, eat fruits and vegetables. In this way you will get vitamins A, C, E and B group vitamins, Omega-3 acids. Fruit and vegetable foods are rich in minerals, such as iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine. Make sure you eat fruit and vegetables in different colours. Vitamin D can be obtained by spending time in the sun.

Avoid coffee, alcohol and energy drinks. They rinse out valuable microelements and vitamins from the body. And make sure you enjoy your meals. Do not eat in a hurry or stress. These conditions block the assimilation of ingredients necessary for a healthy life. Do not forget about foods rich in fibre. It will help you to get rid of all impurities from your body. Remember to drink enough water. Good hydration of the body will also result in a young and healthy appearance of the skin.

7. nature will help you to take care of your skin also from the outside. Equip your bathroom and beautician with organic products. The best BIO cosmetics do not contain synthetic preservatives, they are made exclusively from natural ingredients. However, make sure that your cosmetics do not contain comodogenic substances (clogging the pores of the skin), such as coconut oil or wheat germ oil.

How to take care of a healthy lifestyle? 8. move and stay outdoors a lot. Physical activity allows the body to provide increased doses of oxygen. In addition, we alkalize the body. The sun's rays will help you create vitamin D.

9. it has been known for a long time that the best cosmetic for the skin is sleep. During sleep, the body regenerates the most fully, and then some metabolic processes take place. Therefore, take care to sleep for about 8 hours a day. Never drink coffee or energy drinks before bedtime. Not only do they make it difficult to fall asleep, but they also steal substances needed by the body for regeneration.

You can help get rid of acne externally by wiping your face with an apple vinegar tonic or lemon juice. They have an antibacterial effect. The same is true of tea tree oil, which is applied locally to skin lesions. Acne skin can also be taken care of using a mask made of purified soda with the addition of water or green tea.


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