World honeys: sunflower honey - an exotic solution worth loving


Honeys are very popular in Poland, so it may seem that as consumers few things can surprise us. It turns out, however, that there are varieties of them that arouse amazement and curiosity. This group includes, among others, sunflower honey, so it is worth considering to what extent it deserves our attention.

Origin of sunflower honey

It is hardly surprising that sunflower honey is one of the most rare in Poland, as few beekeepers are involved in its production. It is obtained using the sunflower nectar - an exceptionally characteristic annual family with large flowers. It is typical of these flowers that they are rich in pollen and that their diameter is about 30 centimetres. Sunflower is not a demanding plant and feels good on almost every soil, so it can be assumed that the popularity of sunflower honey in Poland will at some point contribute to the fact that we will be able to resign from importing it.

Sunflower honey - characteristics

Like other honeys, the one that is created with the use of the sunflower nectar, has a liquid form before crystallization. But it turns out, that already after this process takes place, there is a significant difference between it and its "cousins", because this honey is soft, and thus easy to spread. Even as a croissant it does not contain hard lumps, but it should be noted that it dissolves well in water. Persons who reach for it admire its delicate taste first of all. Its subtlety also makes it a honey that tastes special to children.

Sunflower honey - composition

A very pleasant taste is not the only argument for becoming interested in sunflower honey. Its composition is also noteworthy, as it is not limited to water, fructose, glucose and other simple sugars. This honey is also rich in flavonoids and so-called bioelements, although its vitamin content is influenced mainly by the additional ingredients of this honey - royal jelly and pollen.

Sunflower honey - properties

Speaking of sunflower honey, it should be noted that it is characterized not only by its excellent taste, but also by a multitude of pro-health properties. It is worth mentioning here, for example, its effectiveness, which is evident when we try to treat diseases related to the cardiovascular system, liver and inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract. This honey also arouses interest of dermatologists, because it can be a valuable support for people who struggle with skin diseases. Honey of this kind is also good to buy while struggling with illnesses of the digestive system, because it turns out that it influences positively both, the stomach, as well as the state of intestines. It is also liked by people who are struggling with the problem of "bad cholesterol" and those who have to take special care of both their heart and cardiovascular condition. It is not surprising that, like many other honeys, it has an antiatherosclerotic effect by lowering blood pressure and improving the oxygenation of the heart. In the period of flu and colds, honey from the sunflower becomes salvation thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, it turns out that it strengthens the exhausted organism by effectively compensating for potassium deficiencies. It also has a detoxifying effect and can be used by people with kidney problems.

Sunflower honey - applications

This honey is not only an attractive addition to cakes and an interesting idea for a healthy breakfast. It can also be taken prophylactically by reaching for two or three tablespoons per day. This is where eating honey on an empty stomach is perfect, as it guarantees an energy boost for the whole day. It can also always be enhanced by mixing sunflower honey with pollen or royal jelly.


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