Although cannabis is usually associated with marijuana and the heated discussion about its impact on the human body, we must not forget that it is a plant with a number of uses. One of its products is cannabis oil, which not only has no narcotic properties, but can also make a significant contribution to improving our health.

Hemp oil - composition

When analyzing vegetable oils, we must bear in mind that CBD oils are among the most valuable when analyzing not only their impact on our health, but also the multitude of possible applications. The presence in their composition of essential unsaturated fatty acids, often referred to as EFAs, i.e. omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, deserves special attention. Cannabis oil contains up to eighty percent of them in its composition, which is an impressive number.
Speaking of EFAs it should be borne in mind that although they are necessary for the course of numerous processes with which we deal in our bodies, we are not able to produce them on our own. Cannabis oil not only guarantees their presence, but also provides us with the most appropriate proportions, and it is precisely the wrong proportions of these acids that can lead not only to arterial hypertension, heart problems and diabetes, but even to the appearance of cancer.

Hemp oil - characteristics

The list of properties of marijuana oil is so long that at least a few other vegetable oils could be successfully separated from it. In this context, the possibility of relieving rheumatic ailments and protecting the body against dangerous increase in blood sugar levels is of primary importance, however, it is also worth mentioning its ability to support the work of the heart and blood vessels and its beneficial effect on the condition of nails, skin and hair.

Cannabis oil also attracts attention because it is an effective solution when we want to achieve a faster healing rate of tan. It also improves kidney and liver function.

Hemp oil - applications

Cannabis oil is used in the kitchen, where it can be a valuable ingredient enriching the taste of salads and salads. You can also pour it over bread and use it as an ingredient of pesto. It has a nutty, mild taste, but it is worth remembering that its properties persist only when served cold, so it is not suitable for baking or frying.

If we use it externally by rubbing it into the skin, we will appreciate that it will increase its resistance to external factors such as strong wind or very high or very low temperatures. However, cannabis oil also contributes to the fact that the skin becomes more moisturized and can effectively cope with inflammations. At the same time it improves its flexibility.

However, it is very often referred to as a medicine and its use should not surprise us either. Treatment with CBD oils assumes their regular administration to the patient, however, the frequency, serving and quantity should be tailored to the individual needs of people who want to improve their health.

Cannabis oil for cancer

The systematic increase in interest in cannabis oil is largely due to the fact that it can be a valuable support for those patients who are struggling with cancer. Importantly, its role both in cancer prevention and in the fight against cancer is increasingly confirmed by the results of scientific research. It is understood that cannabinoids, the organic chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors, are of key importance in this context. Scientists point out that cannabinoids can reduce the number of cancer cells already present in the body, which is usually explained by their effect on the human immune system. Of course, the efficacy largely depends on the type of cannabis we are dealing with, but cannabis oil for cancer can always be a valuable support for pharmacological treatment.


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