World honeys: acacia honey and its advantages


Many natural products are referred to as a remedy for numerous diseases, but not everyone can boast such an excellent taste as honey. Here, acacia honey seems to be of particular interest - a valuable source of many substances that make us not only feel, but also look better. It is obtained during acacia blooming and is characterized not only by its semi-liquid texture, but also by its sweet taste and smell. The high content of simple sugars makes it perfect as a sweetener, but it is only one of its many advantages.

Acacia honey - curative properties

When we analyze acacia honey, the properties of this solution may also evoke our associations with other types of honey present in Poland. This is where the valuable support that it provides during periods when we are all exposed to cold and flu comes to the foreground. Its prophylactic use is recommended especially in autumn and winter, and people who practice using acacia honey at that time confirm that they notice the beneficial changes that take place in their stronger and more resistant organism. Of course, this is not the only advantage of this particular honey.

Acacia honey BIO 500g

What does acacia honey help for?

Scientists praise its characteristic antibacterial effect, but we cannot underestimate the fact that it relieves sore throat. The antibiotic properties of acacia honey may not be as strong as in the case of lime honey, but it is still noticeable. Its regular consumption should also be considered if you have problems with the proper functioning of the digestive and respiratory system, and it turns out that acacia honey can also provide support in case of skin problems. He is appreciated not only by dermatology, but also cosmetology, so acacia honey is a frequently appearing component of nourishing masks for both the face and the head. Like lime honey, acacia honey has a slight diuretic effect, so if you reach for it, you can be sure that you will serve your urinary tract in this way. What is more, we can be sure that it will be less susceptible to bacterial infections. In this case, however, it should be remembered that honey alone will not be enough if we do not take care of the right amount of fluids supplied to the body.

Acacia honey - composition

It is not difficult to guess that the unique properties of acacia honey are primarily due to the substances it contains. Here simple carbohydrates come to the fore, which makes its consumption can give us energy and strengthen our vitality. This is especially appreciated by athletes and active people, although those who follow a low glycemic index diet must bear in mind that their use of acacia honey will only be possible after consultation with a doctor. Another ingredient whose significance cannot be overestimated is fructose. Its large amount affects the calorific value of acacia honey, but it strengthens its pro-health properties. Isoflavones are also a valuable ingredient, attracting attention not only because they support the circulatory system and improve mood, but also have a positive effect on bone mineralization.

Acacia honey - use

Numerous pro-health properties of acacia honey make it suitable for many applications. If we do not want to include it in the morning meal, we can successfully eat one tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach and then repeat this action in the evening, at least several minutes before the last meal. Acacia honey can also be combined with milk or tea, because as a natural sweetener it can work better than sugar. If we want to improve beauty through it, it is recommended to use external cosmetics, many cosmetics with his participation can be prepared by ourselves.

Acacia honey - price

When it comes to acacia honey, the price is not a serious constraint for us. A literary jar can be purchased for up to 30 zlotys.


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