Small black and not only, the world of coffee


Coffee is the favourite beverage of most people in the world - every day people reach up to 2.25 billion cups of this black beverage, usually starting with it in the morning. And to think that once it was not known in Europe at all, and later was considered a drink of the devil and had to wait for the arrival of Pope Clement VIII (January 30, 1592 - March 3, 1605) in order to be widely appreciated.

Coffee reached Poland even later - only in the 17th century. At first it gained popularity in the Gdańsk cafes, and when its health properties were discovered, other inhabitants of our country also eagerly reached for it. What is worth knowing about the types and properties of popular coffee?

Coffee Robusta and Arabica

Arabica coffeeMost people don't know about coffee - they don't know how many varieties exist in the world and what they really differ from one another. However, the most common and most frequently drunk are 2 species, which are divided into several varieties. These basic types are Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee. They differ from each other for almost everything - from the appearance of the beans to the final taste.

Robusta has a spicy, bitter taste and its grain shape is round, from pale green to even grey in colour. This variety is less popular than Arabica coffee - its production in the world reaches about 30%. It is characterized by a high caffeine content, remaining at the level of 2-4.5%. Arabica is the world's oldest variety of coffee, which is also the most widespread in the world - 70% of coffee production is Arabica. Perhaps because it has quite a mild taste and aroma, very pleasant and at the same time clearly adding energy. The caffeine content of this beverage reaches 1-1.7%. The appearance of these beans is also clearly different from that of Robust - the beans are elongated, flat, have a slightly curved seam, and their colour is slightly greenish.

Spelt coffee

spelt coffeeRecently, more and more people are interested in cereal coffees - of which spelt coffee is probably the most popular. Interestingly, it is decaffeinated coffee, but many people indicate that they feel great after drinking it, clearly having more energy to work. At the same time, it is completely safe, for example, for people with hypertension or peptic ulcer disease. It can be drunk not only by adults, but also by children. Grain coffees are very popular because of their high health properties - and because spelt is healthy in itself, spelt coffee is even healthier than other coffees.

Spelt coffee, soluble 200g

What is worth knowing about it? Influences our health thanks to the high content of many valuable ingredients - vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, as well as minerals such as zinc, copper and selenium. It also warms up the body, including the intestines. Therefore, it is good for digestion, improves the functioning of the digestive system and prevents constipation, for example. It can be eaten in large quantities and is even willing to do so because it has a really pleasant taste. It's ideal for those who want to get rid of ordinary coffee - it's easy to switch to spelt coffee.

How to prepare spelt coffee?

spelt coffee - preparationSpelt coffee is an excellent drink for both hot and cold cooking. It can be drunk in a cup or used as a delicious accompaniment to desserts, which will give them a delicious, distinctive taste. In this way it can be found in ice cream as well as cakes, and even mixed with syrup to pour some dessert later on.

If you want to cook it hot, you need to cook it for about 5 minutes to get the right colour, aroma and taste. With the addition of cardamom and cinnamon will be the most selective, but in fact everyone can prepare it as much as they like. Cold and choose a soluble version of coffee and simply add ice and milk to it. A delicious, refreshing mix for summer days.

Decaffeinated coffee - chicory coffee

decaffeinated coffeeAnother extremely popular type of coffee is chicory coffee. It is a decaffeinated drink, obtained from the roots of plants that are dried, roasted and then crushed. It is a substitute for ordinary coffee - delicious and healthy.

It is dietetic, accelerates metabolism, facilitates digestion, increases the activity of intestinal microflora, removes excess cholesterol from the body, lowers blood glucose levels, helps neutralize free radicals, and thanks to the high content of fiber, it also allows to get a feeling of satiety. As you can see, thanks to its properties, it can support weight loss, and also increases the assimilability of protein and magnesium when consumed with milk. It is recommended for everyone, including pregnant women and children. This is a delicious drink for everyone!

Chicory coffee - anti-cellulite and slimming treatment

If you lose weight and want to use chicory coffee as a supportive in your diet, you should prepare the following decoction:

chicory coffeePour 2 glasses of water over 200 grams of dried chicory root.

Add 2 tablespoons of fresh or dried chicory leaves to the stock.

Boil the resulting mixture until a suitable, strong stock is obtained.

This infusion should be drunk twice a day for 14 days, supporting a slimming treatment with an anti-cellulite treatment. It turns out that places affected by cellulite can be rubbed with a similar mixture of chicory leaves mixed with almond oil. Although many people find it unlikely, it has been proven that a similar effect is able to reduce cellulite in 14 days and at the same time definitely smooth the skin.