Cumin and its invaluable effect on the human body


niggerChernuszka is a herb that has been appreciated since antiquity. It helps to treat almost every disease. Cumin seeds contain more than 100 active substances and it is believed that some of them are still undiscovered by scientists.

What do nigger seeds contain?

Substances present in cumin seeds make this herb irreplaceable in all inflammatory and neoplastic conditions. It also has an antioxidant and protective effect on the body. The seeds are rich in:

cumin seeds

  • fatty acids (linoleic, alpha-linolenic, naturally rare eicosadiene, palmitic, myristic and other)
  • phospholipids and phytosterols
  • valuable flavonoids and equally valuable saponins
  • proteins (eight out of nine essential amino acids) and carbohydrates
  • alkaloids,
  • essential oil containing thymoquinone, limonene, carvacrol, carvacrol, carvone, etc.
  • vitamins A, E, F, B1, B3, B6, biotin, minerals such as zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium.
Therapeutic properties of the nigger cumin

Cumin strengthens the immune system. Influences the increase in the number of macrophages and lymphocytes in the body. It also stimulates the synthesis of interferon.

This plant has an antihistamine effect, thanks to which allergy sufferers can reduce troublesome ailments by taking the nigger for about 8 weeks, before and during the allergy intensification period.

The use of the cumin increases lung function and is therefore extremely helpful in asthma-related diseases. The use of herbs makes the wheezing breath disappear, the number of doses of necessary inhalations decreases.

The consumption of cumin seeds is recommended for anaemia, as it can successfully replace a diet composed of meat.

This herb has a strong antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic effects. Including nigella in the permanent diet, we reduce the risk of Candida Albicans. It is also a way to protect against popular infections, especially in the autumn-winter period. The black cumin protects against flu, colds and bronchitis. This plant is our ally in the fight against the tapeworm, lice, oats, blastocytosis, or winding hair.

consumption of cumin seed

Cumin has a protective effect on the stomach, preventing ulcers. It also soothes symptoms of reflux. This herb prevents the formation of kidney stones.

If you suffer from hypertension, it is recommended to consume cumin, as it significantly lowers blood pressure and prevents the formation of clots.

Studies on cancer sufferers, including leukaemia, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer and pancreas, indicate that the nigger is beneficial in this area. It is a strong antioxidant, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, but does not have a damaging effect on healthy cells.

Nigella treatment is recommended during radiotherapy. It has the ability not only to fight cancer cells, but also to protect against the negative effects of radiation.

Cumin seeds are used to protect the liver and kidneys from heavy metal poisoning and some medications.

Cumin is recommended for women, as it is they who most often have problems with osteoporosis. This plant has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Increases bone mineral density.

Women usually also care about the perfect look of their hair. Also in this aspect, the use of the benefits of the nigger is irreplaceable. The herb prevents hair loss and even stimulates hair growth. Helps to get rid of dandruff or treat scalp inflammation.

The use of nigella has a regulating effect on menstruation, stimulates lactation. There is also talk about her contraceptive properties. In men, on the other hand, the herb influences the growth of testosterone.

Black cumin also has an anti-diabetic effect. It regulates blood sugar levels, affecting the level of insulin produced by the body.

For diabetics, but not only, it is important to know that nigger seeds accelerate wound healing. Thanks to them, it is possible to cure ulcers, cuts or purulent changes.

The effect of this plant on our central nervous system is very important. It prevents depression, neurosis and anxiety. Significant improvement in wellbeing.

How to eat the nigger nigger?

This herb can serve as a pepper in the kitchen, replacing it perfectly. Unlike pepper, however, the nigger does not acidify the body. In this form it can be eaten on sandwiches, as an addition to sauces, salads, soups, etc.

Cumin can be used in the form of oil, infusion, tinctures and herbal honey.

The prepared solutions can be used for internal and external treatment.

like eating a nigger

The infusion is traditionally prepared by pouring boiling boiling water over a teaspoon of ground nigella. The infusion is ready for consumption after approx. 20 minutes.

The tincture is prepared by pouring half a glass of ground nigella with one glass of 40% alcohol. The drink is ready for consumption after about a week. The tincture must be filtered out.

Herbal honey is prepared by mixing honey and ground seeds of cumin in the ratio 1 : 1.


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