Why drink freshly squeezed juices?


freshly squeezed juicesFreshly squeezed juices are an excellent alternative for people who are not fond of fruit and vegetables or have problems with biting or chewing them. The juices are easily digestible and at the same time they are a real bomb of vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Interestingly, fruit and vegetables consumed in liquid form are assimilated four times easier, which means that we absorb more beneficial substances than by consuming fruit or vegetables in its unprocessed form.

Life-giving extract

The juices are easily assimilated. The body absorbs as much as 90% of all nutritional substances derived from fruits and vegetables. The time it takes to assimilate the juice is only 15 minutes. After this time, the process of cell playback begins, i.e. replacement of old cells with new ones.

Juice is a convenient form of assimilation of valuable ingredients

green juice

The body assimilates more vital substances from juice than from fruits and vegetables in unprocessed form. This is of great importance in providing the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals. In order to satisfy the daily demand for a certain substance, one needs to consume much smaller amounts of juice than one should eat vegetables or fruit.

A way to diversify your diet

Juices are a great way to introduce vegetables, fruits or herbs that you don't like too much. A good example could be to diversify the diet of children, who are most often reluctant to eat certain types of food. Juices help to "smuggle" those foods that children usually do not want to eat.

Close to nature

Although squeezed juices are the altered form of fruit and vegetables, their composition, taste and smell remain unchanged. Nowadays, when most of our food is taken in a highly processed form, juices are an accent that connects us with nature. The abundance of vitamins and minerals in juices is difficult to obtain in any other food. Particularly important here is the content of sodium and potassium, which effectively reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, arterial hypertension or the risk of stroke.

Fight against acidification of the body

pomegranate juice

The juices help to maintain the acid-base balance. Our daily diet is conducive to the acidification of the body. Products adversely affecting our organisms include bread, meat, dairy products and sugar. Medicines, smoking and lack of exercise are also harmful.

If you are sluggish, lack energy, have sleep problems, and your skin looks tired, you may suffer from acidification. Increase the consumption of freshly squeezed juices before you start using dietary supplements.

Enhancement of immune resistance

Juices made from various fruits and vegetables allow you to significantly increase your body's immune system. Juices with herbs, sprouts or grasses can be a variety. Recently fashionable grass juices are an incredibly rich source of enzymes, phytohormones, minerals and vitamins.

Such vitamin bombs perfectly protect the body against colds, flu viruses or sprays, eliminate bleeding from gums, etc. They also protect the body from cold, flu viruses or sprays.

In the fight against disease

juice in the fight against diseaseDaily consumption of fruit and vegetables in the form of juices not only strengthens the body, but also helps to fight against various diseases. Juices play an important role in the prevention of cancer, premature ageing and other ailments. The reason for the beneficial effects of these drinks is their high ability to neutralize free radicals.

According to doctors, who are in favour of natural methods of restoring health, juices help to restore the body to its initial state. This thesis stems from a kind of philosophy which says that cell degeneration is caused by the lack of ingredients, not pharmaceuticals, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the cells. Therefore, medicines should not be a method of getting to health, but rather equipping the body with substances that determine its health.

A significant number of civilization diseases is caused by the consumption of highly processed foods and the departure from natural, healthy food. Drinking juice is therefore of fundamental importance for health protection and the fight against disease.

Cleansing properties

Drinking juice is one of the best methods for removing toxins from the body. Harmful metabolic products are deposited by the body in the form of deposits. The juices help to remove them. This is the best way to regain health, vitality and vigour.

Slimming diet

juices and dietFreshly squeezed juices are a source of fibre and pectins. Therefore, they accelerate the process of digestion and excretion of undigested food from the body. Juices are a dietary supplement, which is extremely necessary when introducing a slimming diet. There are also diets, which are based on eating almost exclusively fruit and vegetable juices for several days.

Better eyesight

Our eyes are attacked daily by dry air, dust and dust. We often gaze for hours at computers or other such devices. All of this has a bad impact on the state of our eyesight. Daily consumption of juice provides the body with the necessary dose of vitamins B, C, E and beta-carotene, which take care of our eyes.

Beautiful complexion

Drinking juices provides the body with many ingredients that significantly affect the condition of our skin. Juices are a great way to hydrate the body and skin. Thanks to this, our skin will not be over-dried, sina and horny.

You do not overdose these vitamins

Juice lovers will be glad that no ingredients taken in juices can be overdosed. Any excessive amount of a specific substance will be almost immediately expelled from the body with urine. So let's drink juices whenever we feel like them!


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