Cistus incanus - on viruses and bacteria


Cistus incantus, which also has its own sounding name "purification", is considered to be the best means of destroying both viruses and bacteria. It comes from countries with hot climates, where the soil is rich in magnesium and grows from Greece, among others.

The richness contained in the purification

This plant contains huge amounts of polyphenols, i.e. phenolic compounds having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antihistamine properties. In a word, the presence of polyphenols makes purification support our immune system.

What is it worth drinking purges for? Purity is also a source of tannin, cyneol, lime and eugenol.

There are many varieties of purification, but the richest in precious substances is Cistus incantus. All parts of the plant are harvested and dried. Purity can be eaten in different forms, but the most popular form in which this plant is taken is herbal tea.

Pure tea is four times stronger antioxidant than vitamin C or red wine and three times more active oxidant than green tea and elderberry juice. As an antioxidant, it has no equal competition.

Research on Cistus incantus

The phenomenal properties of this plant have been confirmed by researchers.

therapeutic effect purification

In 1999, researchers from the Freidrich-Loeffler Institute in Tubingen observed samples containing 100,000 to 400,000 viruses, which are secreted by humans during sneezing. Samples containing purges were characterized by significantly less viruses than samples not treated with the plant.

Professor Stefan Ludwig from the University of Munster, carried out a more detailed study in 2005. They show that already after 24 hours, the number of viruses decreased hundredfold.

In the same year, the German media disseminated material showing that the polyphenols contained in the purification surround the body's cells, preventing viruses from getting inside.

The University of Leipzig is researching the salutary effect of the plant on the body affected by boleriosis. The specific combination of substances contained in the purification makes it extremely effective in the fight against both viruses and bacteria. Cleaner can handle bacteria 15 times better than other preparations.

Boleriosis sufferers admit that since they have been drinking tea from purification, their health is improving. This is due to the extraordinary properties of this plant. Boleriosis is caused by spiral bacteria introduced into the body by ticks. The substances contained in the purification cause the bacteria to stick together and, as a consequence, to neutralize.

What you need to know about cleanliness

In 1999, this plant was proclaimed the plant of the year, however, as a medicinal plant, purification was already known 2.5 thousand years ago.

Purity is the largest source of polyphenols of all plants in Europe. This is a wonderful antidote to the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi. It is an excellent, natural flu inhibitor. It is also a weapon used in the fight against other types of viruses, e.g. avian influenza virus. Purea effectively supports the treatment of boleriosis and cancer.

This plant has a detoxifying effect on the whole body and delays the aging process. Another advantage is that it does not cause any side effects. It can be safely consumed by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children.

The impact of cleanliness on our health

therapeutic effect purge Cleaner has a stabilizing effect on the circulatory system and increases bone density. It strengthens the immune system and positively influences the condition of bacterial flora. Purity is an excellent antidote to poisoning the body with heavy metals.

Its antibacterial effect is perfect for tonsillitis, gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

This plant is also used as a supportive for the body in case of cancer.

Purity destroys the swine flu virus. Cells, which were infected with this virus, already after 9 - 24 hours of action of the plant, were healed in 99%.

The plant protects cells against infections by surrounding them with a surface protein. This action gives you almost 100% certainty that your cell will not be infected.

As a viralcidal and bactericidal agent, it is distinguished by the fact that it does not cause any side effects.


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