According to many people, nettle is just a useless weed. In the Polish countryside, since the dawn of time, it has had a number of applications due to its therapeutic properties and nutritional value. Nettle is a source of many vitamins and minerals, as well as microelements that help in the treatment of many diseases, such as kidney stones and arthritis.

Ordinary nettle - extraordinary

nettle during pregnancyNettle is widely used in natural medicine. In addition, soup was once cooked from it, and now the housewives are adding it to pet food. Many people during spring fatigue drink juice from freshly torn nettles, which not only strengthens but also cleanses the body of toxins. In winter, the dried nettle leaves should be added to hot tea in order to additionally warm up the body from the inside. Such an infusion helps to relax and fight the stress of everyday life. In addition, in combination with other herbs, it combats the first symptoms of allergy (e.g. urticaria). Some specialists who are interested in herbal medicine call nettle a natural antibiotic not without reason, because it is a real treasury of active compounds necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Nettle - properties

Nettle, thanks to its diuretic properties, is irreplaceable in the treatment of kidney stones and other diseases of the urinary tract. In addition, it supports the body during the excretion of harmful substances, such as uric acid deposits. Another advantage of nettle is that it prevents fluid retention in the body.

Nettle - applications

Nettle leaf extract is used to treat mild diseases of the urinary tract, including inflammatory conditions or problems with urination. It is also used to treat skin diseases of adolescence, arthritis and urolithiasis.

Nettle for weight loss and more

nettle for slimming

During the weight loss process, many people reach for a variety of measures to help them lose weight. Unfortunately, most of them are ineffective. They forget about the properties of nettles. Drinking infusions and adding fresh leaves to food accelerates metabolism, and its compounds support the digestive system. In addition, they cleanse it, carry away bile deposits and support the work of the pancreas, liver and stomach. Many patients use nettle as a natural supplement, and some studies, still unconfirmed to the end, also indicate properties that inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

What does the nettle contain?

- macro- and microelements: magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, iodine, silicon and sodium;
- vitamins: A, K, B2, C;
- amino compounds, tannic compounds, pantothenic acid, organic acids (e.g. formic, glycol, glycerol), essential oils, mineral salts, chlorophyll, serotonin, histamine, acetylcholine, carotenoids, phytosterols, flavonoids.

Anti-anaemia nettle

The healing properties of nettle are also used to treat anaemia. It has a beneficial effect on the production of red blood cells, and its effect equals that of preparations containing iron. It is also one of the few herbs that lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Nettle for hair and skin

hair nettleOf course, the bactericidal properties of nettle must not be forgotten. Thanks to them it is used to treat all kinds of skin diseases such as abscesses, boils, acne, vaginal inflammations and muscles. Natural nettle extract can also be used as a mouthwash. Many fluids available in stores have nettle in stock. The use of nettle for everyday body care will also have a positive effect on the scalp. Massaging the head with infusion reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation and at the same time combats dandruff and seborrhea. It's worth changing an ordinary shampoo, which only dries the hair in favour of a natural, nettle-based shampoo or use infusion as an additional conditioner.

Pregnancy nettle

Pregnant women will certainly hear from their doctors or dieticians to include nettle in their diet because it is a source of iron, calcium and many vitamins. Breastfeeding mothers with milk production problems should try nettle tea. Many women also have a problem to return the figure before pregnancy. The inclusion of nettle in the menu will surely help you to return to great shape. Nettle tea is not recommended for women with kidney problems because its diuretic effect is a significant burden on the body. The healing properties of nettle were appreciated in folk medicine, where it was one of the most popular herbs.

Tea and nettle juice

property nettle

One of the best ideas for using nettle is to make juice or refreshing tea from this medicinal plant. There are many different recipes with different ingredients and brewing method, and here is one recommended by us.
For the preparation of drinks, in addition to the leaves themselves, it is also possible to use leafy shoots, i.e. nettle herbs. Both things should be collected during the flowering period, because this is when the nettle has the most healing properties. The best choice for making tea is to use the leaves, and to make juice you need to choose the shoots.

Nettle tea - recipe

Tea can be prepared from fresh or dried leaves. Pour boiling water over one top teaspoon of nettle leaves and leave it to stretch. It is best to drink nettle tea on an empty stomach, once a day with no added sugar. In order to improve taste, it is worth adding melissa or chamomile to the brewing.
The infusion from fresh leaves is brewed in boiling water for about half a minute, while from dried leaves for a little longer: 1-2 minutes (if the brewing time is extended to 10 minutes, the colour and smell of the brew will be more intense, it will have a stronger diuretic effect). Fresh leaves should be rinsed and crushed before boiling.

Nettle juice - recipe

Nettle juice is made from fresh young shoots of nettle and leaves. After washing, they should be mixed and strained or a juice centrifuge used for this purpose. It is recommended to consume one glass of juice a day.


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