Beetroot - Polish superfood


Red beets are an inseparable element of traditional Polish cuisine. They are eaten in the form of borscht, various salads or as an addition to numerous salads. This vegetable has been known for a long time. The first reference to it can be found in the Babylonian archives dating back to 722 BC.

Beet cultivation gradually moved to other geographical regions. Ancient mentions of this vegetable are known in Greece and more recently, in the times of Charlemagne. At that time, however, it was treated as a leafy vegetable.

Beetroot - calories and vitamins

In addition to their taste, beetroots are also extremely dietetic. They have less than 50 kcal in 100 grams of product (whether cooked or uncooked).

Such properties put them in the elite group of "super food". Among the numerous advantages of these vegetables is also a huge amount of vitamins (mainly B group), as well as many micro and macroelements. And so, a daily portion of the salad can be an irreplaceable source of potassium, sodium or iron for the body.

The red and violet colour of vegetables is a result of beta-cyanins. This component is very important in the fight against cancer. In addition, it effectively helps to remove toxins from the liver.

These vegetables can also be used after intensive training. They have a relatively high sugar content (about 10%). Therefore, they will be a quick injection of carbohydrates for the training organism. Because of sugar, they should be consumed in moderation with various problems with maintaining an adequate level of insulin in the blood.

beet calories

Beetroot in the diet of pregnant women and children

The red vegetable is extremely beneficial for pregnant women and children. A large amount of folic acid is particularly important for future mothers. Therefore, it is recommended that beets be included in the diet of both mothers and their children," explains the editor of the portal.

Beet - characteristics

The properties of beet are hard to describe in a few words. They have a strong antioxidant effect, which is particularly beneficial against cancer. In addition, they help to maintain the acid-base balance of the body. They have a positive effect on metabolism, digestion and metabolism. This is especially important in the case of various plans to dispose of an unnecessary "tyre".

Among other properties, it is worth mentioning, for example, support for the liver, intestines or kidneys. They also have a positive effect on the athlete's body, improving his general condition. Regular consumption of beets makes it much easier to maintain adequate blood pressure. As you can see, their influence on the body can be described as priceless.

How much beet to cook

How many beetroots to cook?

This inconspicuous question turns out to be much more important than it might seem. In order to benefit from the full richness of minerals in beet, it is best to consume them "raw". An interesting alternative is also baking them with the crust in the oven. In addition to their intense taste, they will also be much healthier.

Beetroot - recipes

Pickled beet - juice


  • 1/2 kg of beet
  • wholemeal bread crust
  • garlic
  • dill or parsley
  • sugar
  • salt


At the very beginning, wash, peel and slice the beets. They are then placed in a stone pot and then poured with a litre of prepared water. For taste it is worth adding sliced garlic, bread crust, a spoonful of salt and sugar. The mixture prepared in this way is covered with gauze and set aside for 3-5 days (in a warm place). The resulting fermented juice must be strained and then transferred to pre-brewed bottles. For decoration you can sprinkle the mixture with greenery. Ready juice is stored in the refrigerator.

Baked beetroot - recipe

If we want to make full use of valuable vitamins, this recipe is particularly recommended. It is recommended that this red vegetable is baked in a heat-resistant dish with a lid. An alternative to this solution will be aluminium foil. However, it should be mentioned that the preparation time in the first case is shorter and the final product is slightly healthier.

The whole preparation is once again a thorough washing and drying of vegetables. Do not peel them. The prepared beets are placed in a heatproof dish and then covered with a lid.

Vegetables in a preheated oven should stay for about an hour. For larger "specimens" it is recommended to bake longer at 200°C. To check if the beets are ready, you can do a toothpick test. When it is easy to enter the flesh, the dish will be ready.

After taking the beets out of the oven, we wait for them to cool down and be ready - all we have to do is to enjoy the intense taste of this healthy dish.

Fried beetroot - recipe


  • 5 beets
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of flour
  • salt, pepper, sugar - to taste
  • Optional - 1 sour apple


At the very beginning, wash the vegetables once again, put them into a pot, and then pour cold water. Boil the mixture prepared in such a way until soft (for about an hour). After cooling down, peel the beets and grate them - it is recommended to use the one with small meshes). In the frying pan, in the meantime heat up the butter, add flour and mix until golden in colour.

Add beetroots to the resulting product. Season with salt, pepper, sugar and lemon juice.

To grated beets can be added for taste, grated sour apple. An interesting solution is also the use of chopped onion, added to the roux. Nothing stands in the way of using both tips at the same time - they will surely affect the general, intense taste of the dish!


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