perfect blenderBlender is very useful in every home. However, it is particularly appreciated where meals are prepared for small children or people with problems with chewing and chewing food, e.g. elderly people or after various operations.

How will a blender help us?

This machine is perfect for mixing, shredding and mixing food. Parents can use it to prepare dense, succinct soups and compose a variety of desserts for their kids. The device is also useful for cooking soups and creams. The blender can be used to crush nuts and other hard foods.

Manual or stationary blender?

stationery blenderThere are two types of this device available on the market. The hand blender is a small device. It is easy to hide, even in a small amount of space. It is extremely handy. Any bowl or pot is enough to use it.

The hand blender usually has a relatively low engine power, which is why it can't cope well with shredding nuts, hard, raw vegetables or crushing ice.

The stationary blender, also called the cup blender, is larger and is equipped with a special bowl. This makes it possible for the device to work independently.

Stationary equipment has a more powerful motor. There will be no problem with mixing and shredding hard food.

What should I follow when choosing a blender?

Power of the device

power of the blenderWhen choosing a specific model of the machine, it is necessary to take into account what kind of substances we intend to grind or grind.

Hand blenders are usually equipped with 600-700 Watt motors. Such strength is sufficient to rub soft fruits or vegetables, cooked meat, prepare pancake dough, or crush a small amount or relatively soft grains.

Stationary equipment has motors with a power output of approx. 1 500 Watt. It's enough power to handle raw, hard vegetables, nuts, ice, etc. difficult to chop.

By the way, it is worth mentioning the wireless devices available on the market. Blenders, which can be used without having to stay in one place, close to an electrical outlet, seem to be a very attractive idea. However, there is a fundamental disadvantage of this type of products - the low power of the device, amounting to about 200 watts. It has to be admitted that even compared to a manual blender on the cable, the wireless blender is very weak.

Materials used in the manufacture of the blender

Greenis blenderThe handle of the blender is usually made of plastic. This part of the device is not especially exposed to damage and the material is pleasant to the touch. For the lower part of the machine, i.e. the knife guard, you should choose a blender with a stainless steel leg. This design ensures that the material does not crack or melt under the influence of high temperature.


Loud operation of the device is not a suitable standard for today's times. Most manufacturers ensure that their models meet customer expectations in this respect. However, before buying it is worth to make sure that the chosen blender will not wake up a sleeping child while working, for example. Paradoxically, devices with less power can be quite loud.

Operating time of the device

Sometimes it is a very short time, in extreme cases the work can last only 15 seconds. If you really want your appliance to be a help in the kitchen, it is a good idea to check this parameter in the manual or with your dealer before buying it.


The basic equipment of the blender is a double-leaf knife. The richer versions are equipped with four-wing knives, which shred the food more precisely. Blenders with exchangeable blades are also available on the market, allowing you to take advantage of additional functions of the device.

Blending speed

The speed control function is very useful. Some devices have a manual speed setting function, where several speed levels can be selected.

There are also available devices with infinitely variable speed control by means of + and - buttons. In this case, the blender gradually accelerates or slows down.

As an option there is a turbo function, i.e. the maximum speed of the device.

The possibility to choose the speed is quite important, especially when we are shredding a larger batch of food or when, for example, because of a fairly shallow dish, we want to avoid the food escaping (splashing) outside the bowl.

Additional functions

crushing of feedThe main task of the blender is to grind the food. However, manufacturers also provide a number of additional options, attaching the appropriate tips to the traditional leg. One of the most popular is the function of whisking egg whites or cream foams. Some of the products available on the market also enable foaming of milk. It is a great addition for those who appreciate the taste of coffee in its various forms.

In addition to the standard equipment of the blender can also be containers in which the food is not only comfortably shredded, but can also be stored.


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