Ice cream without sugar - without unnecessary chemistry


ice creamThe products we will need to prepare delicious ice cream are: a leather cleaner, a lice cleaner, a little detergent ingredient and a rubber adhesive.... Of course it's a joke! In the light of what can actually be found in the ice cream served by some producers, it is, however, a rather gloomy joke. If you don't want to poison yourself and your loved ones with a chemical waste bin, prepare ice cream yourself. This is the best way to be sure what you feed your body with.

Ice cream is a great way to sweeten and cool the body on hot days. They can be an excellent supplement to our diet, if we carefully choose the right ingredients for them.

"Delicious" chemicals in ice cream from the shop

a recipe for homemade ice creamSelf-cooked ice cream has nothing to do with the sweet pap tempting coloured packaging on store shelves. These packages are complemented by labels on which we read what the producers of summer specialties advise us. You will find here a lot of sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, hardened fats and aromas.

So what do we eat together with the ice cream we buy? Sometimes it is propane, sometimes butane, sometimes ethyl acetate, ethanol, carbon dioxide, acetone, nitrous oxide, etc. are added. Producers are exempt from the obligation to admit what flavourings are, in fact, and these are ingredients that can make you dizzy:

- aldehyde C-17 - found in cherry-flavoured ice cream, simultaneously used in factories to produce dyes and rubber,

- C-18 aldehyde is in turn an ingredient of chocolate flavoured ice cream, also used in the production of dishwashing liquids and other detergents,

- butter aldehydehyde - contains ice cream with a nutty taste, manufacturers also use it for the production of rubber adhesives,

- Cochineal - E120 - gives ice cream (but also red sweets, lollipops, jellies and other red products) a red colour. It is obtained from aphids feeding on cacti growing in tropical regions of North and Central America. Cochineal is a natural dye, but its effect on the body is absolutely negative.

- benzyl acetate - helps to obtain the strawberry taste of ice cream, in fact it is a nitrate solvent,

- ethyl acetate - the taste of pineapple ice cream is obtained by adding a leather cleaner in the tanning industry,

- piperonal - added to ice cream, gives them a vanilla flavour. It is also used in the perfumery industry and as a means of combating lice.

How to prepare ice cream at home?

home-made sorbetThe simplest way to prepare this delicacy is to squeeze juice from fruits (e.g. from apples, oranges, strawberries) and to freeze it in small forms. Special moulds with a removable stick (available e.g. in Ikea stores) can be purchased commercially. With a bit of imagination, you can prepare ice cream on a stick by yourself, without having to buy additional accessories.

Frozen juices are called sorbets. Sorbets can also be prepared by blending fruits with a blender, thus making the ice cream more nutritious. It is worth adding some mixed spinach leaves or lettuce to the mixture. The fruit will be undetectable in the mass, and will give cold delicacies of iron, calcium and other valuable minerals. The acidic taste of ice cream can be enhanced by adding a little bit of vitamin C powder.

You can also prepare creamy ice cream in a homemade way. Such a sweetness can be obtained from bananas. For 1 person, you will need about 1.5 of this fruit. It is important that the bananas are ripe (brown spots are visible on the skin). Often such products are overestimated in shops, although from the point of view of their suitability for eating it is the best form of banana.

Cut the bananas into 1.5 cm slices and freeze in a tray or bag. After 24 hours throw them into the mixer and mix at the highest speed until you get a uniform, creamy mass. This way we get the dessert in a few minutes.

How to make ice cream at home

If you want to diversify the taste of ice cream, you can add berries, strawberries, cocoa, vanilla extract... Everything depends on our taste and inventiveness.

Do not sweeten home ice cream. The fruit is sweet enough. In addition, they contain a dose of vitamins, minerals and other valuable ingredients, which are extremely eager to absorb even the largest "vermin".

Creamy ice cream can be prepared even faster and more conveniently if you have a "Yonanas" device. The high power of the engine makes it very easy to convert even half of frozen bananas into a uniform mass. Such a machine will allow us to diversify the dessert, e.g. by adding chocolate cubes. After throwing it for processing we will get ice cream, banana cream with the addition of chocolate flakes.

You can also enrich the ice cream with nuts, raisins, karobic syrup and other additives, which taste great and look great on our home delicacies.


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