Curcuma - unusual properties of gold powder


The times when our daily diet was limited only to standard products found in Poland are long gone. Nowadays there is so much openness to the world that in shops we can find a lot of food products coming even from very distant, exotic countries for us. Of course, it is definitely worth getting to know them a little bit closer and discover all their amazing properties.

curcuma seasoning

First of all, they can be an excellent variety of our menu, in which completely new, previously unknown to us flavors will appear thanks to them. In addition, things coming from faraway corners of the world often have lots of great nutritional properties, which can be used by everyone. A perfect example of such a thing is curcuma, which currently enjoys considerable popularity and is more and more willingly chosen by Poles.

Kurcuma is an inconspicuous spice from the Far East, often associated especially with Indian cuisine, although it is also known in many other countries of the region. It is valued primarily for its taste, although it does not lack naturally beneficial properties. Because of these two features, it is definitely worth thinking about including it in your daily diet.

Curcuma - spice

Curcuma in the art of cooking has many interesting applications. Due to its interesting and vivid colours, it is often used for colouring various food products. It is an essential ingredient in all curry dishes, and it is she who is responsible for their characteristic colour. Of course, it is also characterized by a very interesting taste, which can work well in many different dishes.

Curcuma and curcumin

curcuma paste recipe

Curcuma and curcumin are two names that must always be combined. Curcuma is a spice, while curcumin is one of its basic ingredients, which is responsible for all the beneficial properties of the spice. It belongs to the polyphenolic antioxidants. One of its main activities is to stop the development of cancer - it is a very valuable addition to the prevention of such diseases.

Curcuma and cancer

Thanks to its curcumin content, this spice is an excellent product for people who want to protect themselves against cancer. It works well not only in prophylaxis, but also in the treatment of many different cancers: neck, skin, lungs, uterus, lymphomas and many others. It is true that there are scientists who question these properties of curcuma, but its effectiveness has been proven by numerous studies. There is therefore no doubt that curcuma protects us from cancer.

Ayurvedic curcuma paste

Curcuma can be both an addition and a main ingredient of many different dishes. An interesting example is the Ayurvedic curcuma paste. Its execution is very simple. We need about 3-4 teaspoons of curcuma powder and the same amount of pepper and a glass of water. All you need to do is stir thoroughly to obtain the paste. It has many health properties and is primarily a natural antibiotic.

Curcuma longa

curcuma longa"Curcuma Longa' is the name of the plant from which curcuma is obtained. In Polish it is known as a long oyster. It belongs to the family of ginger plants. It can be much more than just a spice plant. In many Asian cultures it is widely used in medicine, appreciating, among other things, the properties of its rhizomes.

Curcuma - tablets

Curcuma is so popular nowadays that a lot of products based on it have already appeared on the market. One of the best proposals are curcuma tablets, which can be an excellent dietary supplement and enrich the daily menu. They are a perfect solution for people who do not like curcuma due to taste reasons. Of course, they have all the properties of an ordinary spice.

Curcuma - price

An additional advantage of curcuma is the fact that it is relatively cheap. A kilogram of this high quality spice costs about 60 - 70 PLN. The tablets are also not too expensive. A package containing 100 tablets costs about 20 - 30 PLN.


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