Alkalizing diet - it is worth trying!


alkalising dietIf you want a decent figure, wellbeing and a healthy body, an alkalising diet is just for you. Above all, it has antioxidant properties, as it is rich in alkaline products that neutralize acidic metabolic products, such as uric acid or lactic acid.

alkaline balanceHuman blood should have a slightly alkaline reaction, but due to poor diet and aging it regularly drops and becomes acidic. Uric acid is deposited in the joints and causes arthritis and urethral fundus (podagra). This acid does not dissolve either in water or in alcohol, because it needs an alkaline environment for this and begins to accumulate in the body, which is not able to excrete all of it. The solution in this case is to drink alkaline water, e.g. by squeezing half a lemon into mineral water. A simple and effective solution!

Improper removal of harmful metabolites is closely linked to the poor functioning of the capillaries. This can lead to allergy, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis or asthma, and in the worst-case scenario even to cancer. Cancer cells have an acid reaction, so care should be taken to alkalize the body. This can prevent not only cancer, but also possible metastases.

When the body is acidified, we are weak and lack energy, because a large amount of acids stick our blood cells together, which results in muscle hypoxia. Our smell is getting weaker, we have problems with concentration, our head hurts, we get nervous.... That's not all.

acidification of the bodyAn acidic organism works in such a way that it tries to make up for the low pH by taking up alkaline elements such as magnesium, zinc and calcium. This causes muscle spasms and, as a consequence, may even lead to arthritis.

In addition, an acidified body produces more fat than it should and stores it to reduce the amount of acids. An alkalizing diet therefore has a dietary dimension (we lose weight), but also an immune one, as excess acids are conducive to infections and colds.

The basic task of an alkalizing diet is to deacidify the body, but also to create a natural system that will remove metabolic products. They are secreted with urine and sweat, so you should drink large amounts of water (not only during weight loss, but all the time). Let's make sure that the water we drink is alkaline.

The general rule is that meat forms acids and vegetables form alkalis. We should reduce the amount of acid-forming products in favour of the latter in order to maintain a balance between them. If we keep the right proportions, neither meat nor dairy products will harm us. Let's also remember that sweet drinks, coffee and alcohol, but also milk (!) rinse out calcium because they acidify. It is not, of course, about giving them up completely, but we should certainly reduce them. The ideal ratio of alkali to acids should be about 4 to 1, but this is an individual matter. If you feel full of strength, the proportions are the right ones.

alkalising dietAvoid sugar and processed products, and as often as possible reach for raw fruit and vegetables. A great solution is also eating lamb groats, which is a universal ingredient for every kitchen!

The more processed the food, the more acids are produced in the body. In unprocessed food there is a huge amount of valuable enzymes, which facilitate digestion, but disintegrate even with the most gentle heat treatment. We should also avoid products that have a very long shelf life - they are usually very acid-forming. Not everything good is healthy - avoid junk food and powdered sauces!


- More energy, strength, vitality and vigour
- Improvement of the condition of the skin, hair and nails
- Decrease in weight
- No hunger problems
- Removal of toxins from the body, elimination of stomach problems, flatulence, etc.
- Strengthening the body's protective system

Appropriate setting of proportions in the alkalizing diet has one more plus. You don't have to lead an ascetic life at all! You can reach for your favourite sweets and coffee, but of course within reason. We do not have to give up everything that is not entirely healthy. Everything is for people, but in moderation.

vegetables in the dietIt is also worth considering the protein diet of Dukan and its influence on the body. Unfortunately, it is not beneficial, and even very harmful to our body. Yes, you lose kilos, but together with them all the micronutrients responsible for good physical and mental condition; calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc., are lost. Not to mention the acidification of the body, the effects of which we have described above. We propose to avoid all diets that focus only on one macroelement, e.g. a diet rich only in fats, only in proteins or only in carbohydrates. Let us maintain healthy moderation and take care of as many basic foods as possible, and we will not need any "miracle diet". It will be pleasant, effective and healthy, and most importantly... tasty!


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