For many people chocolate is like a drug that can addict. This should not be surprising, however, as this product has an excellent taste and a unique smell. In addition, chocolate also improves mood and reduces fatigue. It is also worth knowing that this sweet product has many pro-health properties. Which ones? For whom is chocolate especially intended? Why is it worth eating it? You will find out about all this in our today's article.

For whom chocolate?

chocolate cubesWondering who should especially eat chocolate? Certainly in this group there are people who practice various sports intensively. In addition, chocolate will be useful for people who work hard physically. This product is also recommended for people who love faraway, hiking or children. In fact, everyone should have at hand at least one plate of chocolate. It's all because it can replace a meal when we're in town and we don't have the opportunity to have a homemade dinner. It is worth noting that this sweet product was perfectly able to normalize the level of glucose in the body. This prevents fainting or fainting. An important piece of information is that chocolate has a lot of beneficial minerals. It should be noted that 10 g of this product contains 400 mg of potassium, 2-6 mg of iron, 180-250 mg of phosphorus, 100-140 mg of magnesium, 40-60 mg of calcium and vitamins A, D, E. There are also many B vitamins.

bitter and milk chocolate

Why eat chocolate?

Recent studies from reputable American medical centers clearly show that drinking chocolate results in lower activity of platelets, which have a lower tendency to clump together. In other words, regular consumption of chocolate prevents clots and reduces the risk of heart attack. It should be emphasized that the ingredients contained in this product make the walls of blood vessels more flexible, which prevents, among other things, dangerous blockages. It is also worth mentioning the polyphenols that are contained in cocoa beans. These are elements that improve the work of the cardiovascular system, facilitate blood flow, reduce the effect of the so-called bad cholesterol and prevent the formation of blood clots blocking vessels. It is worth knowing that, according to scientists, it is enough to eat only about a third of a plate of bitter chocolate to protect your body from various heart diseases. But that is not all. Chocolate also increases the level of antioxidants in the blood (by almost 20% - which is even better than in the case of red wine). People who regularly consume bitter chocolate can also count on the fact that the aging process will be significantly delayed and they will enjoy a beautiful and youthful appearance for longer.

Chocolate as a source of magnesium

It is worth knowing that in 100 g of bitter chocolate there is as much as 300 mg of magnesium. Why is it so important? This ingredient has a very good effect on the nervous system, among other things it improves intellectual performance and improves nervous conduction. It is therefore necessary to bear this in mind and to consume this product systematically.

Chocolate during pregnancy

A group of scientists from Helsinki has carried out a study, the results of which will certainly please future mothers. Analyzing the results of the work of the Scandinavians, one can conclude that eating this product improves the well-being of a woman in her blessed condition. This, of course, has a positive effect on the development of the fetus. What is interesting, scientists prove that children of mothers who consumed dark chocolate during pregnancy are later more active and more positive towards the surrounding reality. This is certainly another argument in favour of consuming this product.

The effect of chocolate on teeth

chocolate plateMany people think that eating chocolate will have a negative effect on their teeth. It should be noted, however, that this product is the least dangerous for our teeth among all sweets available on the market. An interesting fact is that chocolate contains even substances that prevent caries. These reports came to us from Japan. Citizens of the Cherry Blossom Country are currently working on a toothpaste, which will be enriched with cocoa husk extract. Of course, it is worth knowing that chocolate contains carbohydrates which damage the teeth (during their decomposition). On the other hand, however, it is important to know that chocolate is quickly dissolved and stays in the mouth for a short time, which makes it less harmful than the vast majority of sweets.

Bitter chocolate - the healthiest!

It is worth knowing that the healthiest form of chocolate is its bitter variety. Its regular consumption makes the body function much better, because this product contains many valuable and pro-healthy substances. What are the most important advantages of systematic eating bitter chocolate?

This product supports concentration and stimulates the brain to act more effectively. It's all because it contains many ingredients that stimulate our minds to work, such as pirazine.

hot chocolateIn addition, chocolate also adds a lot of energy. This is possible due to the very high amount of carbohydrates, magnesium, iron and potassium. It should be added that bitter chocolate contains only traces of sugar - or does not have this ingredient at all. Experts emphasize that this product is the best assimilable source of energy, which can instantly stimulate a person to act and eliminate fatigue.

Not to mention that bitter chocolate - thanks to the presence of flavonoids - prevents atherosclerosis or clots. These elements also fight infections (relieve coughing!), regulate proper tension of muscles and blood vessels and prevent platelets from sticking together. In addition, consuming bitter chocolate strengthens the heart. It should be emphasized that polyphenols lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks. An interesting fact is that people who regularly consume this product die as much as 50% less frequently from heart attack - according to Dutch scientists. Not to mention that eating chocolate also filters the kidneys.

As you can see, it is worth to reach for a plate of bitter chocolate at least from time to time.


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