Sugar is one of the basic components of the diet of each of us. We commonly use it in our kitchen, and in many different ways. From sweetening coffee or tea to making sweet baked goods - without sugar our culinary art would certainly be much poorer. It should be remembered, however, that sugar is not as beneficial for our health as it is usually considered.

xylitol propertiesNot long ago, there was a myth in the society that "sugar solidifies". It was believed that a large amount of sugar adds energy and makes us healthier. However, it has long been proven that this has nothing to do with reality. Too much sugar in our diet can cause a lot of health problems. This primarily contributes to overweight, which itself carries many risks. After all, obesity is a heart disease and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

In addition, sugar in large quantities does not cause an energy injection at all, as you would normally think. On the contrary, after a momentary increase in energy there is a significant decrease in energy, which ultimately makes us feel even more tired and devoid of strength. Sugar also has a negative impact on many other areas of our body - especially on our teeth, which can spoil quickly under the influence of its action. All this does not mean, however, that we should completely give up all the sweets in our kitchen. However, there are many healthier products that can be an alternative to traditional sugar. An excellent example is xylitol, birch sugar.

What is xylitol?

birch sugarXylitol is a product classified as sugar alcohols. At the chemical level, it is a mixture of sugar and alcohol molecules. Its action stimulates receptors on human language, which are responsible for feeling sweet flavors. It is commonly found in nature - it can be found in many fruits, although in most cases in rather small quantities. It is also produced by the human body; it is the product of certain metabolic processes.

Xylitol and the glycemic index

Xylitol is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to enjoy a sweet taste but at the same time wants to take care of their health. People suffering from diabetes in particular should be interested in including it in their diet. It has a much lower glycemic index than standard sucrose, so that it does not pose any risk for such ailments. Nor does it increase the risk of diabetes, making it one of the healthiest alternatives to traditional sugar.

Price of xylitol

birch sugarXylitol is currently very easily available - we can easily buy it in many shops or even online. Its great advantage is undoubtedly quite low prices. For a kilogram of birch sugar we will not usually pay more than about 30 PLN. It is worth taking care to buy only good products from proven manufacturers. This is the only way to make sure that they are really healthy for us.

Xylitol and slimming

It has been known for a long time that traditional sugar is not very suitable for people who want to lose weight effectively. It is quite calorific and causes the accumulation of fat in the body, so its excess can seriously harm our figure. Xylitol is a great solution for people who care about the line. It does not fatten and is much less calorific, so you can easily incorporate it into your diet.

Effects of xylitol on teeth

xylitol and teethAnother advantage of birch sugar is that it does not endanger our teeth. As you know, ordinary sucrose can seriously damage your teeth and increase the risk of serious oral diseases in excess. In the case of xylitol this problem practically does not exist, because this sugar is made of completely different molecules, which are not dangerous for human teeth. It has even been proven that it can rebuild the enamel and have a positive effect on the condition of our teeth.

Applications of xylitol

Xylitol can be commonly used in our kitchen as a substitute for traditional sugar. In addition, it is often used in the wider industry. It is an important ingredient in many chewing gums and sweets. It is worth to buy such sweets, because in spite of their sweet taste, they are not so dangerous for the teeth or for our figure.


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