Psyllium grandmother (Mediterranean grandmother) - get to know the power of super grandmother!


Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to notice again the wonderful properties of natural herbs and plants, the consumption of which brings a lot of good for our health. Our society has for a moment forgotten about it for all kinds of dietary supplements and other pharmacological products. Fortunately, now that we pay more attention to what is good for our body, we rediscover the wonderful power of natural plants. One of them is the grandmother's Psyllium, or rather her seeds.

Psyllium grandmother - properties and function

Grandmother's Psyllium plexiglassReading the description of the Psyllium grandmother one can quickly come to the conviction that it is a plant with properties very similar to those of linseed. Definitely, this statement is not untrue, because grandmother's carpenter, just like flaxseed, is known primarily for helping to regulate the intestines. This is not all, however, as the seeds of this unique plant are also used by people struggling with haemorrhoids, relieving their symptoms such as itching or pain.

Dietary fiber contained in grandmother's Psyllium also copes well with too high blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Compresses made on the basis of infusion from seeds of this plant are also often used for various skin diseases. They are most commonly used by people suffering from psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or acne rosacea. Psyllium grandmother has deep moisturizing properties, which is why it is often used on dry skin as part of its care.

Psyllium grandmother - application

Psyllium grandmother applicationThe seeds of the Psyllium grandmother conceal an incredible power, which is worth discovering as soon as possible. Their preparation is really easy, because 1-2 teaspoons of seeds only need to be flooded with lukewarm water in order to produce a sticky glue in a short time. For this reason, we should consume such a mixture just after it is flooded. Regular consumption of Psyllium grandmother brings excellent results, which can be seen after a short time of its use. In what cases, then, is it worth to reach for these seeds? Here are some examples:

1. constipation

The mucus, which is produced by the seeds of grandmother's Psyllium, significantly improves the work of our intestines. Their peristalsis is regulated, thanks to which we can get rid of such unpleasant periodical constipations. The use of Psyllium grandmother is recommended especially for the elderly, whose digestive system no longer works as well as it used to, and in addition, they take large quantities of medicines that additionally disturb the work of the intestines. What is very interesting, in addition to constipation, the grandmother's dachshund can also help people struggling with diarrhea.

2. stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers are a problem that affects more and more people, so it is so important to emphasize the action of grandmother's carpenter also in this respect. The mucus produced by its seeds perfectly protects ulcers and at the same time influences faster regeneration of irritated gastric mucosa. Its use can also be helpful for people who take large amounts of painkillers or often consume hot food.

3. Cholesterol

Increased levels of so-called bad cholesterol are currently a very common ailment that men in particular suffer from. And also in this case the regular use of the seeds of Psyllium grandmother can help us a lot. It turns out that this plant not only effectively lowers the level of bad cholesterol, but also increases the amount of good cholesterol. It is therefore worthwhile to introduce this mixture into your daily diet.

4. hair and skin

grandmother's ruffle on hair and skinPads based on grandmother's seeds will help us alleviate unpleasant ailments associated with various skin diseases. They are successfully used by people struggling with skin inflammations, but also acne or psoriasis. Apart from its typically therapeutic effect, grandmother's Psyllium can also be used as a cosmetic. It has a strong moisturizing effect, so it is willingly used by people with very dry skin.

As far as hair is concerned, grandmother's coat, in the form of a mask or gel, is willingly used as a means to help get rid of itching of the head or to repair damaged hair ends that split up.

5. slimming

The fact that grandmother's pulp has a lot of fibre makes it an effective and, above all, a natural component of the diet, which supports slimming. It is definitely better to choose just such a mixture of grandmother's Psyllium seeds than to buy artificial preparations, which often do not only do not help, but even harm our health.

Grandmother's carpenter's carpenter's carpentry and pregnancy

Grandmother Psyllium in pregnancy

Pregnant women very often have to endure persistent constipation and are looking for natural ways to get rid of this unpleasant discomfort. Fortunately, grandmother's carpent is completely safe for them, so if necessary, it can also be boldly used at this particular time.

Psyllium grandmother - contraindications

Psyllium grandmothers should not be used primarily by patients suffering from intestinal hypersensitivity, but also by people who suffer from prolonged abdominal pain. Do not drink infusions from the seeds of this plant if a colonoscopy is planned.

Psyllium grandmother should also be particularly careful when taking a large amount of medication, because her seeds reduce their absorption. If we really care about drinking such a beverage, we should keep a break of at least one hour between the medication and the drink from grandmother's carpenter.


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