Mimi Kirk - meet the most beautiful vegetarian in the world!


Mimi KirkMimi Kirk is a charming blonde American who in 2012 was recognized as "the sexiest vegetarian in her fifties" in a competition organized by PETA. Mimi, of course, exceeded half a century, but when she won the competition she was... 73 years old! A few years before the show she was obese and didn't care about what she eats. However, she changed her eating habits and started to enjoy the benefits of nature - and literally so.

best known vegetarianShe started to eat only raw, fresh and unprocessed fruit and vegetables, i.e. "raw food", food processed at a temperature of no more than 50 degrees Celsius. Mimi has completely abandoned eating animal products - they don't eat meat, dairy products or products containing sugar, white flour or industrially processed food. Her diet is filled only by fresh, full of life-giving enzymes and vitamins, fruits and vegetables. Mimi is also a vitarian, which means that she does not eat anything that is cooked. Only live and fresh plant products that are never subjected to high temperatures, as this removes the macro-ingredients necessary for a healthy life.

sexiest vegetarian

Before she switched to her diet, she did not eat well. She ate everything that acidified her body and did not pay attention to how much it destroyed her body. She was obese and greasy, she did not look good and you could see the passing years. She got rid of this ballast and you can say that in this way she directly lengthened her life! She changed her diet, eating habits, lost weight and turned her lifestyle upside down. She became a beautiful woman, but above all she gained a lot of happiness, willingness to live and health. She started to use her life in 100%.

Currently, he is over 75 years old and still adheres to his rules. He still has a body that some 20 year olds could envy - literally! She still enjoys a lot of sport and healthy eating and it still gives her great joy.

This story shows how important it is to take care of health and what we eat. Nature and time are inexorable, but why not help them? Let us be humble towards them, and this will certainly pay off. Let Mimi Kirk be the best proof of this.


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