Slow-rotating juice squeezer - which one to choose?


Why is it better to invest in a slow-running squeezer than in a juice centrifuge? What are the benefits of the unique technology used in slow-moving devices? Finally, which brands of squeezers are worth considering in the first place? These and other questions are answered in this article.

Low-speed extruders - technology

The secret of action lies in the special worm shaft. Although it may seem like a slowdown is a disadvantage, in reality it is a great advantage. Due to the low friction, only a minimum amount of heat is generated. At the same time, the machine squeezes juice from the whole product, even from the seeds and peel. The slug (or two slugs) press on the ingredients and slowly squeeze them through the sieve inside. Slower action makes the beverage contain a set of nutrients. The juice is homogeneous and undiluted, tastes very natural and retains its freshness for longer. Significantly, the worm shaft technology itself, developed by HUROM, has been constantly improved for several decades.

slow-running extruder technology

Slow-running squeezers can squeeze juice from any type of product. Regardless of whether they are soft fruits, hard vegetables or greenery, we can always count on a full-fledged juice with an intense colour and high taste qualities. Decent equipment can handle leafy and root vegetables, wheat grass and nuts such as almonds, pistachios and Brazil nuts. The best devices also have additional functions - thanks to them you can prepare sorbets, smoothies and sometimes also ice cream for homemade work.

Slow-running extruder - user feedback

According to research carried out by the Food and Nutrition Institute, squeezed juices contain up to four times as much nutritional value as the portion of fruit from which they were prepared. In addition, we grass them 20x faster than unprocessed products. In the network you can find numerous opinions of users who praise the natural taste of juices obtained with the use of multi-turn squeezers. These fresh drinks contain neither artificial dyes, nor sweeteners or preservatives - but they contain up to 60% more vitamin A and up to 42% more vitamin C. Thanks to this, in addition to their taste, consumers also enjoy the device that helps them to take care of their health.

Users also praise the high quality of modern equipment. Especially those who care about the environment will be satisfied with the purchase of the device. For example, Hurom worm shafts in Hurom equipment are manufactured from ultra-strong, environmentally friendly material, while plastic parts are replaced by BPA free tritane materials. All this also has an impact on the quality of the juice obtained - the squeezer does not change the natural taste and smell of the products used.

juice centrifuge or extruder

Slow-running extruder vs. juice centrifuge

The main dilemma for consumers who are considering purchasing a juice squeezer is to choose between a slow-running squeezer and a juice squeezer. Before we unequivocally stand on either side, let's take a look at the characteristics of both equipment.

The effect of juicers is based on the fact that they cut vegetables into small pieces at a very fast pace. As a result, the juice heats up and loses some of its precious properties through the formation of high temperatures. The first advantage of extruders is therefore the slow and precise operation. Instead of cutting fruit and vegetables, slow-moving appliances crush them and thus squeeze out a full-fledged juice.

At the same time, we must not deny the juicers the fact that they operate much faster - in fact, when it comes to high speeds, they are market leaders. The blades transform products into a smooth mass, usually making 6-12 thousand revolutions per minute. The fastest available juice centrifuges work even faster, killing up to 40 thousand revolutions at the same time. However, such high speeds are occupied by the oxidation process. Excessively aerated juice partly oxidizes, resulting in less nutrients and is only suitable for immediate consumption.

The slow-running extruders boast an extremely low speed of 70-120 revolutions per minute. Slower operation reduces friction and thus allows low temperatures to be maintained. A glass of juice will contain much more nutrients - from vitamins and minerals to valuable enzymes.

It is also worth mentioning that slow-running extruders consume little power and operate at low power (about 150-200W). On the contrary, they are very accurate and efficient, and their motor is powerful and very quiet. When buying a juice centrifuge, on the other hand, we have to choose between efficiency and economy, as well as between efficiency and reduced noise.

HUROM extruder

If we consider Apple to be the leader among phone manufacturers, the equivalent of the Jobs brand in the field of juice squeezers is certainly HUROM. For more than 40 years, the company has been carrying out intensive research on how to further improve its equipment. Continuously introduced innovations make not only HUROM squeezers, but also the quality of the obtained juice is constantly improving. Obviously, customers also benefit from this - their level of satisfaction grows, and drinking fresh juices of full value has a positive impact on their health.

The brand's greatest success was the development of the first vertical juice extruder model in the world. The invention of the worm shaft and decades of work on its improvement made HUROM technology unrivalled today. The perfected roller crushes and at the same time squeezes out the products. The juice is then filtered out through a sieve (which is made of environmentally friendly ultrasound) and the resulting pulp escapes from the device through a special channel. HUROM slow-running squeezers are available with innovative accessories, which is an additional convenience for lovers of kitchen gadgets and healthy food.

Slow-running juice squeezers - available from brands

Many models of slow-running juice and vegetable squeezers are now available on the market. In addition to the pioneering HUROM brand, it is also worth noting the proposals of other manufacturers, especially Kuvings, Greenis and Kitchen Aid. Green Star, Matstone and San also present competitive offers; even the giant Philips has developed its own slow-moving devices. Before you buy a specific model, it is necessary to compare the parameters of squeezers and familiarize yourself with the capabilities of individual gadgets. The selection will be made easier by opinions and videos that show you exactly how the squeezed juice looks like. It is certainly worthwhile to take a look at the offer of all the brands mentioned above, but there is no doubt that the number one product remains HUROM slow-running extruders.


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